Today we’re going to be talking about the importance of stepping back in your business. If anybody hasn’t heard, we are towards the tail end of 2021. I had a baby in September of this year, and for me, being able to step back from my business during that time…

Fear as a business owner comes up often, and it tends to rear its ugly head when we least expect it. It also can show up in many different ways…

Maybe it’s that you are avoiding doing something in your business because you’re scared of the outcome, or you’re scared how somebody’s going to react. Or it might be, fear of taking the jump and doing something you haven’t done before.

Fear really is something that will crop up for…

When should you run them?

How do you know they are the right choice?

Do you outsource them?

The 3 most common questions that we get not only from coaching clients who are growing their businesses, but also ad management clients in my digital marketing agency.

The answer is not…

Sam DiNicola

I work with clients to create beautiful websites, impactful marketing campaigns, digital ad management & more!

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